Doors Opened

Doors Opened

I want to speak to the possibity of STM getting involved in a new location for ministry.  The ministry will be a copy of STM's ministry in Jamaica for the last 15 years and prayerfully be as amazing for STM Team members and be well received by people of Bimini. 

Monte and I wanted to take a tour of the island to meet some of the locals and get a feel for what is happening in their community, so we took a free tram to the island and when we got to the drop off transfer station where we had a choice of transportation which cost $5.00 (a  person each way) They wanted us to rent a golf cart for $60.00 a day but they came down to $40.00 for a 1/2 a day. ( still to much )

Finally a woman suggested that she would get her nephew to take us to town for $5.00 each so we took her up of the deal.

As we traveled down the road I ask the young man if there was a Methodist Church on the island and if so would he take us there.  He told us that there were six different types of  churches on the island so he included those stops in our tour.

He tried to find the pastor of the Methodist Church but found out that the pastor was off the island ( more to that story later).

The young man took us back to the transfer station and I got to talk to his aunt and told her that I wanted to know if there was a possibility that was a need for a ministry to come and do a childrens ministry, like a VBS for the Methodist church.  She responded with excitement and joy that we would be willing to do such a thing.  She got so excited that she contacted a person that was in charge of the church in the pastors absence and off we went on another golf cart ride to find the Methdoist Church.

We got to met with Barbara, the care taker, and we had a great meeting with her and she too was very excited. After our meeting and a prayer, Barbara took us back to the transfer station where Nickie,took us on another tour on the other end of the island. 

This was fun for we got to see more that expected and as Nicky, the young mans aunt,  drove us she came upon a group of men talking and we found out two of them were ministers of other churches and it was there that we started making plans for a join revival on the island of Bimini.  

Need-less-to say that Monte and I had a wonderful time that day. We had people sharing with us, found out there was a need for prayer and healing among the people, just llike there is a need in our own country.

But I have not talked to STM members that support our mission teams, but I think, as Nickie mentioned that was a gift that God planned for us to be there.  "Wow".

So be in prayer that this will work out and maybe soon Jamaica can be healed of Covid and we can continue planning that trip also.

God is so good!

Friends in Christ


Bimini is the westernmost district of the Bahamas and comprises a chain of islands located about 80 kilometres due east of Miami. Bimini is the closest point in the Bahamas to the mainland United States and approximately 210 km west-northwest of Nassau. The population is 1,988 as of the 2010 census. Wikipedia

 Area8.88 mi²

 Population1,988 (2010)

 Local government1 council; 0 townships


 Parliamentary representation1 House seat, shared with West End as a single parliamentary constituency

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07.07 | 05:15

Praise the Lord servants of God,
I am a fellow servant of God from Kenya,my prayer request is that the Lord may open away so that we become part and parcel of your ministry and work together.

02.07 | 16:49

How is Matthew doing? Hope things are going well for him. I just retired again from the UMC and now I am still serving at the track ministries.

21.06 | 01:30

Hello pastor buddy it's Matthews father he is the young preacher u meant a few times he even preached

27.03 | 01:28

God's word is more important than ever.

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